NetConnect™ Publicity and Digital PR has been the agency of choice for more than 1000 authors, speakers, experts, life coaches, and products since 1999. Here is a section of endorsements from clients who we have worked with to build their media platform.

Glass Buildings

“Thanks to NetConnect, my financial columns now have an established presence on a number of prominent websites across the nation. Their knowledge of Online PR, together with access to editors that promote the information viewed by today’s world is an invaluable resource.”

~Al Jacobs, Author, A Skeptic’s Guide to Prosperity

“Selling products online is not easy. I have worked with several Publicists. I began working with NetConnect and found the connection between SEO rankings that happen quickly and traffic to my site from the many well-known sites she promoted me on.  They gave me a huge boost and delivered on everything they promised….and much more!” 

~Ellen Simon, M.S., M. Ed., LPC; Author

“NetConnect and their team are the consummate professionals whose boundaries go beyond just getting the job done. They genuinely works for the good of the client. Their personal attention to detail and enthusiasm for wanting clients to succeed make them one of a kind in this industry. They do not disappoint!”

~Dyan Eybergen, Author of Out of the Mouths of Babes 



“In a year’s time, my site traffic tripled and requests for my expertise have grown exponentially. This is because NetConnect acts like a cyber-matchmaker, handpicking parenting sites that click with client content so they are more committed and loyal media connections who support a contributor’s work.”

~Gregory Keer, Writer/Publisher, FamilyManOnline.com 



“Through NetConnect, we received highly respects online media placements that gave us the national exposure we needed to reach our goals. Their expert guidance and advice helped us make our unique mark in the most competitive world of health and wellness.”

~Julie and Ken Schwarz, Founders of MariasLastDiet.com. 



“I wanted to write articles and place them on large websites, but I had no idea how to go about it effectively. Thanks to NetConnect, I have more than 20 articles on various websites that are highly respected. My own website looks far more appealing thanks to their consulting, and we are now working together to market my coaching and digital products online. I am so impressed with their creativity, contacts and know-how.”

~Marty Friedman, Author of Straight Talk for Men about Marriage; What Men Need to Know About Marriage (and What Women Need to Know About Men).


“Ultimately, the only way to measure the effectiveness of NetConnect's work is the bottom line. Since developing a relationship with them, my royalties have continued to increase. I highly recommend NetConnect!”   

~Harry H. Harrison, Author and Publisher; Fearless Parenting

“This agency is my Internet publicity guru. My prospects, business exposure, and website traffic have DRAMATICALLY increased due to NetConnect's expert marketing ability and keen insight. I’m astounded at what they've been able to accomplish on my behalf!  I’m very grateful for their commitment and enthusiasm, their timeliness and responsiveness, and their dedication to grow my business.”

~Sharon Rivkin, Relationship Author, The First Argument


“I enjoyed working with NetConnect for many reasons but most importantly, quite simply they deliver on the results they promised. The strength of Net Connect's professional network, professionalism, unique branding strategies and their understanding of my business has made this an ideal partner!” 

~Dr. Jerry Weichman, Teen Parenting Author of How to Deal

“NetConnect saved me countless hours of work trying to reach people. We made important contacts with national media outlets, including select outlets that landed me on the Oprah Show.”

~Abigail Natenshon, Author of When Your Child Has an Eating Disorder

“We are extremely impressed with NetConnect's capabilities. They really know content placement. But what makes them exceptional is their creativity. They are introducing us to innovative opportunities that highlight our expertise and get us great visibility. They are truly a leader in the digital PR business."

~Cheryl Tallman, Founder, FreshBaby.com

“Thank you NetConnect for securing placements for me with some of the top-rated websites on the Internet. I could not have created this kind of buzz without you and your team. I have seen increases in my traffic and would highly recommend your service to anyone who wants to make an impact online.” 

~Laura Stack, Professional Speaker and Author, The Exhaustion Cure 

"NetConnect opened doors to me that would not have been available to me on my own. I have received great placements on the Internet and in conventional media including major news and talk shows through their hard work and professionalism. They worked with me closely to create a beautiful website and have helped me position myself as a credible and sought-after expert in my field. I know it works. My Amazon ranking numbers are consistently great. This is directly related to the work they have done on my behalf."

~Armin Brott, Author of The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be

"Thanks to NetConnect and the placements they made for me, my book moved from rank 20,000+ to 2862 in 10 days at amazon.com. I want to keep this momentum going."

~Chick Moorman, Author of Parent Talk: How to Talk to Your Child in Language That Builds Self-Esteem and Encourages Responsibility

"NetConnect Publicity and Digital PR exceeded my expectations—doing all they promised and more! By placing my articles on top websites, I was able to deliver my message to interested readers, expand my visibility, and build my reputation as an expert and an author. Thank you NetConnect!" 

~Patti Teel, Author of Floppy Sleep Game Book 

"There comes a point in your pursuit of media exposure when you need to trust your image and product to a professional. That's where NetConnect Publicity and Digital PR comes in. With their extensive list of contacts both on the web and in mainstream media, they have freed my hands up to get back to what I do best: writing my columns and books, not endless query letters. With their very first contact on my behalf, I sold seven pieces to Oprah Winfrey's Oxygen Media Network! And I know that is only the beginning. With their help, I truly believe the doors are going to open faster, wider and in greater numbers." 

~Linda M. Sharp, Author of Stretchmarks on My Sanity 

“NetConnect has been a powerful asset in using the Internet to spread the word about my work and my new book. They promise and they deliver!”

~Jim Taylor, Ph.D., Author of Your Children Are Under Attack